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Sage X3 Demo

If you are an experienced tech nerd, I’m sure you will be impressed with the functionality and implementation of Sage ERP X3 and if you’re not too tech savvy, I’ll be pointing out what all that functionality means to the end user and the benefits for midsize companies.

Well then, let’s get to it!

sage-ERP-X3-demoWe are going to do a high level overview of what makes Sage ERP X3 the best of its class. Okay first important thing to know about Sage ERP X3 is designed to support all areas of your business right out of the box. It uses a singular system and database that accounts for all the users involved in operating your business: finance, sales, CRM, purchasing, manufacturing, and inventory management. This streamlines all business processes and make sure that everyone is working off the same information, any updates the user makes are done in real time, which makes communication across your organization and between users more efficient and effective.

Let’s say I submit a purchase order that requires approval. Doing so triggers an email requesting approval to my boss. Even if she’s out of field and respond to emails using her smart phone, she can approve it by clicking on a button embedded in the email. When she does, the PO is sent to accounting for processing. Automating workflow like this reduces paper-based tasks and moves things along more quickly and easily.

Yes, Sage ERP X3 significantly accelerates business exchanges because it controls information flow and processing through its workflow engine, not to mention but since Sage ERP X3 is a full web system, users can manage information flows beyond company walls using just a web browser. Sage ERP X3 SOA platform simplifies connecting to third-party systems involving partners as part of your operations.

Think that’s impressive? Sage ERP X3 also has a powerful business intelligence tool to gain valuable insights. The system is preconfigured with business intelligence universes that offer analytics which are accessible from simple to use user-defined dashboards.